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AvaliableThis site is a representation and collection to the paintings that I have done. You’ll also find some information on shows and exhibitions that I am currently showing at.

I was recently asked to do a mini mural for Local Pittsburgh magazine for a show that they had at the Mine Factory. I was given a 8 foot x 8 foot space to paint a concept piece. What I painted was a child’s dream turning into a nightmare. This idea came from my 15th month daughter who, like every child wakes up crying in the night. I often wonder what is making her cry when she was peacefully sleeping. This is my thought on what happens.

For last few months I have been busy. I was prepping for an  exhibition at Black Forge Coffee House in Allentown , Pittsburgh. There were over 30 paintings on display. A few weeks after the show I did a mural right across the street from Black Forge.

I have also done some mini murals at a local vape shop, Drip Lounge.


About my store. You can find numerous paintings up for sale at my store. Currently, I have many one of one items listed at some great prices. Hop over to http://durtyart.bigcartel.com/ to see what I have.

Recently, I have started a newsletter and opened an online store. If you want to signup for the newsletter you can do so here, www.tinyletter.com/durtyart. The newsletter is used to let followers know of special deals first, and provide coupon codes for the store, and just provide any info that I would like you all to know.

Some of my most recent items and events that I have released are:

The newest release that I have is a table top book titled “I Can’t Swim”. This book is limited to 24 being sold, and once they’re gone, there will be no more pressings of this book. You can pick this up at my store, and shipping is free on this. Purchase here


As many of you know, I am a huge Eyedea fan. I have had the pleasure of building friendships from my art with people that we were friends with him. Recently I was asked to do a painting for the 5 year celebration show, and of course I jumped at the chance to do this. The picture that I used was one that was given to me by the person asking me to do this. While I was painting this, there was a lot of emotion put into this, and personal feelings. From the stories that I have heard from his actual friends, their words painted this for me. I wanted to use the perfect lyric on this painting letting everyone know that we all miss him, and that he misses his friends. I chose to use “You’ll Always Have Me As A Friend” from the song By The Throat.

I’ve sold many paintings, and donated art as well. This is my most proudest moment as an artist. Being asked to paint the person who I have so much respect for, and who is my favorite emcee, is huge for me. I’m honored to have done this, and to have it displayed at a show that is celebrating his life. This painting is over six feet tall and over 4 feet wide.

Along with this painting I was also asked to do a limited cover for the tribute album that is being released the same day of the show, November 9th. The album is titled “5”. Once this is officially announced I will provide the artwork for it.

The Durty Art and Friends Coloring Book. This is 20 pages of some designs that I have painted, and some that I haven’t. This is my way for people of all ages to have fun with the art that I do.


Another item that I have excited about is this limited edition t-shirt. This is the Durty Bat shirt. I’ve been a huge Batman fan since I was a kid, this is my take on the vintage logo. I went with the color black and yellow (gold) to page tribute to the city I love, and where I live, Pittsburgh. There is only 30 of these being pressed, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.  You can grab the Durty Bat shirt over at my store, or at this direct link Durty Bat Shirt


I connect color to canvas